Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins Make Their Season 10 Debuts

On High Stakes Poker Antonio Esfandiari has been a regular on the show for a number of years. On Tuesday night, the partially retired poker pro made his Season 10 debut on Poker GO, and he immediately began to move chips around.

Charge Perkins, Roger Sippl, and Robert Sanchez likewise showed up on the poker show interestingly this year. Jennifer Tilly and Bobby Baldwin joined them, the only players who had appeared in previous Season 10 episodes.

From the beginning

Esfandiari and his friend Perkins, a wealthy hedge fund manager who graduated from the University of Iowa, engaged in combat. On an eight-high board, the “Magician” made a $4,000 bet with middle pair in the first hand, which Perkins and his top pair increased to $18,000.

Perkins went for value on the river (a “4-” with just a pair of eights) and was able to get paid off to scoop a sizable early pot after Esfandiari was unable to find a fold and both players checked when a high card hit the turn.

A few seconds later, the same two rivals got into a fight over the day’s pot. Before being three-bet to $10,000 by Esfandiari and his “a-Clubs” and “k-Diamonds,” Sippl had raised to $3,000 in the early position with “9-Diamonds” and “8-Diamonds.” With q-Spades and q-Hearts in the straddle, Perkins raised to $40,000, forcing the initial raiser to muck his cards.

He decided to gamble and moved all in for $159,000, receiving a prompt call as action returned to Esfandiari. Both players agreed to run it twice, and the first board was “6-Hearts, 8-Hearts, j-Spades, 2-Diamonds, 8-Spades,” ensuring that Perkins wouldn’t even lose the pot.

The second run out was completely different because Esfandiari hit quads on the turn to secure the win and cut the $342,000 pot in half. In a $50,000 pot, Esfandiari successfully bluffed Sippl with king-high, convincing him to fold middle-pair.

Tilly Bounces Back

In the episode of High Stakes Poker that aired last week, the actress Jennifer Tilly was unable to escape the card-catching table bullies. She ran, however, much better this week. Well, that is, with the exception of one hand in which Sippl bluffed her off queen-high preflop with the traditional seven-deuce.

Tilly started her run with two pairs against Esfandiari, who showed aggression by semi-bluffing with a gutshot straight draw that didn’t come through on the river. Tilly had two pairs against Esfandiari.

On the following hand, with {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} in the opening, the “Lady of the hour of Chucky” star settled on an extraordinary decision with ace-high on the stream when Perkins bet $15,000 into a pot of only $8,000 on a missed straight draw (lord high). She rivered a straight one hand later against Esfandiari and Sanchez to win the $37,000 pot.

Perkins won the day with a bluff because he took advantage of Baldwin’s tight play style. Baldwin bet $20,000 on a board of “10-Spades,” “8-Spades,” “2-Hearts,” and “5-Spades,” and folded to a raise to $60,000 despite holding a spade. With “10-Clubs” and “6-Clubs,” Perkins had top pair, but he only had four outs on the river.

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