Overview of All-Star Knockout by Northern Lights Gaming

Northern Lights Gaming was last encountered in the slot machine Rocky’s Gold. There were a number of exciting mining themed slots in 2019; sadly, stated slot was not one of them. The Swedish/Mancunian studio has put away the pickaxes in favor of classic slot machines for this release. New from Northern Lights Gaming and the Yggdrasil Masters Program comes the fruit-themed slot All Star Knockout. The title wasn’t chosen at random; it accurately conveys the nature of the game. That means accumulating star tokens to activate extras. We don’t have to tell you that fruit machines are common, but we will say that we hope All Star Knockout is more entertaining than Rocky’s Gold. Ugh.

All Star Knockout has a simplistic design that fits with the topic, but the animations move at a decent clip. A plain blue background with a white explosion effect sits behind the reels. The music is typical of such slots, being jazzy and reminiscent of the 1970s, and features mature themes. The strange symbol boxes and star icons in the background of the game are the only real shock so far. The Award Board is the place to collect votes, and it plays an important role in the next features.

To win at Northern Lights, you’ll need to line up 3 or more of a kind on any of the 20 fixed paylines, a change from the standard 3×3 layout. The game’s 8 normal pay symbols (lemons, plums, oranges, cherries, blue 7, white 7, and red 7) are all traditional slot machine icons. The game’s logo is the exception to this rule; a line of five of them is worth five times the wager. We can only infer that Northern Lights decided to leave out wilds in order to keep things simple.

The user interface maintains its throwback feel, and the +/- buttons allow for easy manipulation of wagers. Bets can be placed between 20 pence and $400 (or Euros and Dollars, respectively) per spin. Behind the scenes, the game’s math model throws up an RTP rating of 96.09%. That’s OK, but if you’re a serious gamer, the low volatility of the mathematical model might be a letdown, even if there is good promise here. However, this does mean that successes and features appear very frequently, which is somewhat unexpected given how they operate.

Features of Northern Lights Gaming’s All-Star Knockout

The Random Bonus and the All-Star Knockout Bonus are the two key topics we’ll be discussing. A losing spin can trigger the Random Bonus, which can give you up to three free spins. Free spins that award a win are called “win spins.” They will keep going around and around until the right combination comes up.

The objective of this game is to eliminate symbols by using stars. When a star sign appears, it is picked up and added to the Award Board. It will appear next to a pay symbol at random. The All Star Knockout Bonus is activated and 5 free spins are given out when a symbol has 5 stars next to it. Every payout during a round of free spins is multiplied by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times the normal amount. This factor is multiplied by an unknown number.

Stars continue to come up on the reels during free spins. If you get five stars next to another symbol, you get two more free games added to your total. The intriguing part is that whenever a symbol acquires five stars, it disappears entirely from the reels. This can help if lesser-value symbols are eliminated, but it can backfire if higher-value symbols are omitted.

Finally, a word regarding our method of recoupment. If you alter your wager mid-session, all of your accumulated stars will be reset to zero. However, if you go back to the level where you last placed a bet, you can pick up right where you left off. The game also provides a fast-track option to the free spins bonus. There is no “buy” button, but players can press “Gamble” to spin the roulette wheel. How much it will set you back is determined by your current bet and how many stars you have amassed.

Northern Lights Gaming’s All-Star Knockout: The Judgement

It’s easy to write off this slot machine as yet another boring fruit machine due to its simplistic visuals and overused theme. However, we hope you’ll agree that All Star Knockout does have certain merits. Perhaps the low expectations made them simpler to surpass. All Star Knockout’s basic, overused theme took some getting used to, but the game does feature a few twists that may win over lovers of the genre.

To begin, because to the nature of star collection, it is possible to amass a stockpile next to multiple symbols simultaneously. One of the game’s symbols can activate bonus spins, which can lead to one of two outcomes. When additional symbols receive 5 stars, they disappear from the reels and the bonus game grows. Alternately, a single bonus round might be initiated shortly after another has concluded. Of course, there are no assurances, but it is possible. The second trick is that All Star Knockout can offer a whopping 4,500 times the initial wager. It would take an absurd amount of star collecting to get close to it, but it is theoretically conceivable.

In comparison to Rocky’s Gold, All Star Knockout is a much more cohesive film. It’s not the most riveting thing ever, but it serves a purpose. Players who enjoy classic games and are interested in a fruit-themed slot with some frills and decent potential should give it a try.

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