Slot Machine Overview, Mega Pearl Gigablox

Powered by Yggdrasil (via GATI) and based on their Gigablox mechanism, ReelPlay’s Mega Pearl Gigablox is an online slot. It made us wonder, is a huge pearl even possible? The Pearl of Puerto was discovered after extensive online searching. If someone has gone to the trouble of giving a piece of jewelry a name, you can be sure that it is either very special or very expensive. The 67-centimeter-long, 34-kilogram-heavy Pearl of Puerto was discovered in the Philippines in 1996. It’s around the size of a baby and looks like a pearl. The estimated worth ranges from zero to one hundred million dollars.

And so we return to Mega Pearl Gigablox, which, although it won’t produce a win worth that much, does provide plenty of pearls as a consolation prize. The game also has deep cultural roots in Asia. In fact, being Asian seems to seep out of every pore. The game grid has been installed on the side of a pagoda adorned with dragons on top of a mountain, with other mountains receding into the distance in the distance beyond the mist. Mega Pearl Gigablox’s background is a blue, hazy cloudy sky, which lends the game an air of antiquity despite the fact that players may find a similar scene in numerous other Asian-themed slot machines. It’s not hideous by any means, but it follows a rather standard template.

As we delve further into Mega Pearl Gigablox, we discover a true variety of large and tiny numbers at work. A low-volatility mathematical model that produces winners at a frequency of 21.1% may be lacking in the eyes of some. On the other hand, the potential is rather good at 16,297x (at least on paper), while the RTP is somewhat middling at 95.03%. Bets may be placed between 40 pence and £/€14 each spin, and it’s playable across all devices (with a better mobile experience in landscape mode).

All the game symbols have a highly cultural appearance, making the grid just as obviously Asian. Six of a kind of the Chinese characters pay off at 1.25 times the wager, followed by the flowers, lanterns, coins, and sycees at 2.5 to 5 times the wager. Mega Pearl Gigablox’s 6-reel by 4-row game grid features 40 fixed paylines, each of which might potentially result in a win. To form a winning line, you need at least three identical symbols. The dragon helps since it is a wild, replacing any other icon excluding the scatter.

Features of the Mega Pearl Gigablox Slot

Mega Pearl Gigablox’s most standard feature is, of course, Gigablox; but, ReelPlay has spiced it up with a respins bonus game and a purchase function.


In the standard game, Gigablox works on every turn. It can generate 2×2 to 4×4 blocks of symbols anywhere on the board. On a single spin, the first two reels may form a two-by-two block, while reels three through six could form a four-by-four block, or any other combination. When reels are spliced together, an entertaining animation happens that you never see coming. The total number of 1×1 symbols in a larger block is used. Wilds and scatters aren’t the only things Gigablox may represent in this game.

Bonus Respins

The respin bonus round begins when you get at least six scattered pearls while playing the main game. Locking in the triggering symbols and assigning them multipliers between 1x and 1,000x, followed by 3 respins. If further pearl symbols appear, the number of spins will return to 3. Mega Pearl symbols are formed if there are two or more Pearl symbols in a square configuration of size 22 or greater. The new Mega Pearl is worth twice as much as its component pearls put together. If the number of spins decreases to zero or if all available slots are occupied by pearl or Megapearl symbols, the bonus will terminate.

Investment in Extra Value

If presented with the opportunity, players can “buy” the bonus round for 80 times their initial wager. The bonus begins once a purchase spins up at least six pearl scatter symbols.

Slot Evaluation of Mega Pearl Gigablox

From the minute it loads until the moment the curtain is drawn on the pearl-encrusted bonus round, every aspect of Mega Pearl Gigablox reeks of Asian culture. Everything about it feels and looks very Asian. The Asian market is the target audience for Mega Pearl Gigablox, and when they fire it up, they should be in slot machine nirvana. However, in order to do so, ReelPlay has resorted to a lot of tired tropes, so visual novelties are few and far between. The setting is instantly recognizable, and the music is perfect for the atmosphere.

The game’s narrative is as uninspired as the design aesthetic. In its default state, Gigablox is somewhat dull; a supplemental rule change would have been welcome. The mechanism of Yggdrasil is solid, and the element of surprise helps to keep things interesting, although the game might have benefited from a touch more variety. The same holds true for the bonus game. What it does, landing pearls in the hopes that they would grow into Megapearls, is fine. Once again, the game’s attractiveness might have been boosted by adding a few extra features. Despite its simplicity, Mega Pearl Gigablox may pay out as much as 16,297 times the initial wager.

When you put it all together, you get a game that is perfect for Asian-themed gamers who want a low-volatility, high-potential option with easy controls and comforting images. Obviously, Mega Pearl Gigablox isn’t going to be much fun for anyone who doesn’t fit that description. Mega Pearl Gigablox seemed more like a soggy lone wonton than an Asian feast due to its generic visuals, controls, and features.

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